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Congressman JOE WILSON, (R-SC), told the TRUTH when he said Obama lied! He's willing to stand up and speak the truth...WE NEED TO SUPPORT HEROES LIKE JOE. Go here and donate as much as you can.
(As it turned out, Joe was right, wasn't he?)
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These pages are part of the website displayed over the year 2009 - the year of the Tea Party! Although the pages are not part of the main website, we had so many requests to keep the pages available that we decided to make this archive section of our website.

Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition Goes to Washington, D.C.! See the great 9-12 videos, pix and commentary here
Here's another look at the 9-12 Event from Fed Up Usa
Check out a teen-age boy's commercial for his mother's tea party protest here
August 28, 2009 - Sacramento Tea Party Protest Against the Water Shut-Off to the Central Valley Farmers by the Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of an inch-long minnow.
The Hate Crimes Bill(Most poignant is the video, "Luca Era Gay" or Luca Was Gay)
The Health Care Scam(many pages attached at the bottom)
Community Activism - Southern California Style
Miracle in Massachusetts Video
Anatomy of a Lie
California Human Rights Amendment
Ike Warned Us
Kenyan-born Obama All Set For U.S. Senate
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